Reasons for losing weight

Were you aware that around 50% of British people are overweight or actually obese?
Approximately 50 million people worldwide are on diets. Weight loss is more complicated than you may realise but it is achievable with perseverance and willpower. Many people have poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyles and no idea of correct nutrition. According to the American Obesity Association around 127 million adult Americans are overweight, there are also 60 million who are obese and a further 9 million who are classified as severely obese. For a British population, with an estimated 50% being overweight or suffering obesity, it's time to act as we are fast following this example.


Obesity can interfere with all aspects of everyday life. It is a cause of physical health problems such as sleep apnea (which can be life threatening) and breathlessness where even the smallest tasks make you stop for breath. The body's frame is not designed to carry such a massive weight around which leads to lower back pain and reduced mobility.
Obesity can increase the instances of contracting serious medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure - which can lead to strokes and diabetes - which can lead to blindness or amputation if not correctly managed. Obesity can increase the likelihood of developing painful gallstones and can lead to fertility problems. Obesity can also have an influence over several forms of cancer such as colorectal, breast and esophagel.
Just by losing just 10% of body fat the life of an over weight or obese person can improve, health and medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be reduced or alleviated all together. Realise though that there is a right way to go about weight loss. Successful weight loss is about maintaining good health, physical fitness from exercise and maintaining a balanced diet.